What is CARE SEPTICS doing for New Jersey?

We are working on the front lines and behind the scenes! Our goal from Day 1 was, and still is, to be a positive influence on the septic industry itself, do our part to educate residents and legislators, and to help the industry’s image with respect to Septic System Inspections.  We do this in many ways. Here’s a comprehensive list of what we’re doing right now.

From Day 1

We perform Certified Septic System Inspections for Real Estate Transfers and Septic System Repairs in a Fair, Honest, and Thorough manner based on the recognized and published Standards and Protocols without violating our own written Conflict-Of-Interest policy.

That’s a long sentence with a lot of things going on at the same time but it’s all true! CARE Septics is the only company in New Jersey whose 100% focus is Certified Septic System Inspections and Repairs.

Since Then

We joined the only available regional Professional Septic Association (PSMA) and a National Septic Association (NAWT). Shortly thereafter I became the Director of the NJ Region. Subsequently, I was elected to be President of the Association and still hold that position. Being President allows me the opportunity to oversee an agenda that has everyone’s best interest in mind.  One part of this agenda includes lobbying efforts, which will bring the industry into the 21st Century with the support of Legislation. It would require the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to Certify Septic Inspectors through a formal education process. Currently, there is no requirement in the State of NJ for a Septic Inspector to be properly trained, Certified, or Licensed.

I recently attended a discussion hearing on Senate Bill 142 in Trenton at the Senate Environment and Energy Committee. This is the first step in getting the Committee to vote on moving this Bill to the full Senate for passage.  I fully support this Bill and our Association supports this Bill.

I am also a member of the Association’s Education Committee. This committee is responsible for updating the Standards and Protocols we use when performing Septic Inspections. Beyond just being a committee member, I am also the only Certified Septic Inspection Instructor in New Jersey.

Our Association is in the process of hiring a Professional Lobbyist who will work tirelessly to support even more Legislation in the works which will improve the Septic industry.

We are active members of various Chambers of Commerce across South Jersey.

I am a member of the NJDEP Voluntary Registration Advisory Committee and I became a member of Cumberland County Health Department’s Community Health Advisory Board’s Residential Drinking Water & Wastewater Advisory Committee in 2016.

Besides myself being a Certified Advanced Septic Inspector, our Operations Manager and my Business Partner, Stephen Buck, is a Certified Septic Inspector and he will be attending our Association’s Spring Training event in Reading, PA to become an Advanced Certified Septic Inspector. Our other employees, who recently received their Inspection Certification, are our Marketing Director, Catrina Morroni, and Justin Rabbai.

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We are all in this together and we’re doing everything in our power to make sure our former, current, and future customers know they have an ally in CARE Septics on every level!


Joe Garner – Owner



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