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Septic System InspectionsOur original company name, CARE Consulting LLC, was intended to separate us from the various companies who perform similar septic related services.  We believed we could simply explain to our customers who we were and what we could do, even if that meant one customer at a time.  Personally, I thought creating a company name with the word “Consulting” would give us that separation and, at the same time, express a professional attitude to everyone looking for something more or better than what currently existed in the industry.  Perhaps I was overthinking the whole thing!

Over the last two years, we have directly marketed our Brand to every possible Real Estate office in the 11 Counties that make up Southern and Central NJ. We have email marketed to over 500 Real Estate Agents we have either met or have had some kind of contact with. We have multiple social media platforms where we correlate our brand and original logo with posts that show us performing septic system inspections and septic system repairs.  We created a highly functional and user friendly website where existing and potential customers could research us to see what we do and what we’re all about. Unfortunately, even two years later, we still receive inquiries believing we are in the Health Care industry!  Or worse, we are completely overlooked as a resource simply because of our company name. That’s my fault!

Internally, we have discussed this many times. The net result of all this discussion was a now obvious and permanent decision to rebrand the company as CARE SEPTICS. So from this point moving forward CARE Consulting LLC will be doing business as CARE SEPTICS. We have already transitioned our website, social media platforms, email addresses and marketing materials to the new business name.

www.careseptics.com  info@careseptics.com

We will begin making the rounds this week to all the Real Estate offices to replace the old materials with the new.  Our old website and email addresses will automatically forward to the new site name and email server.  Our phone numbers are the same and we have added a toll-free number 844 54 SEPTIC to make it easier to get in touch with us!

Nothing about what we do has changed! We will still be performing thorough, fair and honest septic inspections, 2ndopinion septic inspections, cesspool evaluations, septic system repairs and I will still be available for 1-Hour Q&A Sessions which explain the septic inspection protocol, standards and processes in NJ.

There’s one other big change! We have added two new Certified Septic Inspector’s!  Congratulations to our employees Trina Morroni and Justin Rabbai on completing the Pennsylvania Septage Management Association (www.PSMA.net) Septic Inspector 101 course and passing the Certification exam!


Joe Garner – Owner



(T) 844-54-SEPTIC  (844-547-3784)

(O) 856-213-5193

(C) 856-513-5660

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